Tips on Malaysian Car Leasing Deals

For those who are going to lease a car in Malaysia, they need to understand what the basics of car leasing are. It is not the same as renting a vehicle. The concept of renting a car in Malaysia is no different than it would be anyplace else.

Leasing a Vehicle

When leasing a vehicle, the individual is paying for the use of the leased car for an agreed-upon time. This includes the interest which is applied to the cost of that vehicle over the specified time. This is known as the money factor.

The Leasing Company

The leasing company purchases the vehicle, then, in turn, leases it out to an individual.

Which are the Best Deals?

The best deals are not always the ones that deal specifically with the cost of the lease every month. There are other factors to be considered.

Sometimes, the best deals will be as a result of avoiding the potential mistakes which can be made when car leasing. These can include:

Too large of a down payment: Sometimes when individuals are leasing a car, they have chosen this option because they could not come up with the amount which would be needed for a down payment when buying a vehicle. In most cases, the down payment for leasing a car is more affordable. Those who are leasing a vehicle will want to take a close look at this. If it is not in the affordable range, then there may be a chance to negotiate this with the leasing company, as many of them can be flexible in some of their terms.

The mileage: It is not uncommon for those leasing a vehicle to underestimate how much mileage they will put on the car. This may be even more difficult for those who are not from Maylasia and are not familiar with the area.